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Are you a group of executives who want their own walk? Or are you an individual just wanting to have some silence for thoughts? Or do you want to connect to other like-minded for an inspiring experience? 

Here we help you to find out.

Our Walkshops

  • You want to start slowly and at home? - The Blue track is your start.
  • You know, you need it and go for it - choose Light Green!
  • You have a Team and need a structured avenue - Dark Green is yours.

Individual coaching 

Would you like to start the Walkshop but can't imagine a long-distance hike, yet?  

We start with an On-to-One Coaching session in the comfort of your home. If you want, we will fuse step-by-step (literally!) the mental and emotional exercise with the physical. 

This program is suitable if you only have days or weekends around your home.  


$660.00 US for a one-month program 

$1,800.00 US for a three-month program (recommended)

All Coaching programs include

- 2 coaching calls of 45-60 min per month with certified NLP Coach  

- 7 days personal email/chat support

- Walking and self-guided walking fitness program (optional)

- Access to the community 

Let's talk.

Intentional Change Process (ICP)

You have come to the decision that you need a deep reset.

And you want to be intentional about a change, but you do not know what this change will be about.

Or are you just easily distracted and need a detox from the Digital World?

We walk you through the Intentional Change Process to clean and refocus your mind.

You will get fit before the walk so that one week on the Camino will reset you completely.   

The ICP Walkshop will be the right one for you. If you return to us for a follow-up also visit our "First 100 km." 


$3,500.00 US per walkshop

The Program includes

- 4 coaching calls of 60 min before the walk with certified NLP Coach

- 7 days personal email/chat support

- Walking and self-guided walking fitness program

- Walkshop in Spain - everything inside Spain is included (see offer)

- Access to the community

Customized Group WalkShop

You have an important task in your company leadership team to fulfill?

An IPO, a new strategy, staff changes?

Or you just feel it is time to align your team?

We meet with you to organize the environment of this long walk and talk and to prepare your team.

This includes a physical training program and coaching support before and during the walk to ensure efficient outcomes.

You determine the route depending on your time and physical fitness level. We do the rest.

Price: t

Contact us or a customized design for your group


The long walk is more than just a hike - it is a journey that takes everything out and let me reflect on things I have never seen in myself. Life-changing is the right Word.

— Anne S.

I love the group experience that shows me that I am not alone with my issues. The combination of space and sharing has got me. I come back!

— Laura M.

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