Your Camino

You Focus On Yourself

- We are always with you.

The CaminoWalk is the biggest part of your Journey and we have put some thought into it.

This is a Leadership Seminar and we want you to focus on the core - yourself.

  • Your Coach will always be with you. We speak fluent Spanish, English, and other languages and we know the area very well.
  • The Program starts the moment you reach Spain.
    • For the "Classic Way" and the "First 100", we meet in Madrid. 
    • For the "English Way", we meet in A Coruña. 

  • We start the time in Spain with a landing day in Madrid or A Coruña and a traditional dinner in a top restaurant.
  • All accommodations are either 3-4 star hotels or mansions. Standard is a double room, but individual (extra) can be arranged. 
  • All your needs are catered for. Any meal, accommodation, entrance fees, and transport (of yourself or luggage) inside Spain are included.   
  • You will receive a welcome package with your diary, Pilgrims credentials, and some useful goodies in the beginning and in the end a Compostela (for the Classic and the English Way.)
  • All course materials will have been made available to you and your Coach will work with you individually and the group.
  • Morning Yoga/Meditation and evening arrival snacks are also included. 

The Classic Way

Embark on the final 100 km of the Camino de Santiago starting from the quaint town of Sarria. Journey through the historical arches of Portomarin, a town rebuilt stone by stone after a reservoir's creation. Continue to Palas de Rei, where the lush Galician landscapes wrap around ancient pathways. In Arzua, savor the region's famed creamy cheese as you wander its storied streets. Before the grand finale in Santiago, find reprieve in O Pedrouzo, a tranquil village that prepares pilgrims for their journey's culmination. This segment, interwoven with rich history, natural beauty, and local charm, epitomizes the spirit of the Camino, guiding you towards the majestic Santiago de Compostela.

113 km - 70.4 miles

The First 100

Begin the iconic Camino de Santiago journey from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, nestled at the base of the Pyrenees. Your first steps lead you over the breathtaking mountain pass to Roncesvalles, a spiritual haven with tales of Charlemagne and the paladin Roland. Forge ahead to Pamplona, famed for its vibrant San Fermín festival and historical landmarks. As you climb to the windswept heights of Alto del Perdón, stand among the silhouettes of past pilgrims, a testament to journeys of reflection and perseverance. Descend to the crossroads at Puente de la Reina, where paths merge beneath its medieval bridge. Your first 100 km concludes in Estela, a gem of Romanesque architecture and the promise of wine flowing from the town's unique fountain. 

111 km - 68.8 miles

The English Way

The ancient maritime route of the English, beginning in the coastal town of Ferrol. Wander the scenic pathways to Pontedeume, with its emblematic medieval bridge arching over the estuary, echoing tales of knights and ancient traditions. Press on to Betanzos, celebrated for its gothic churches and the renowned 'Tortilla de Betanzos,' a unique and juicy take on Spain's classic dish. As you venture inland, ascend to Hospital de Bruma, a historic crossroads for pilgrims where legends and landscapes meld. Your journey then brings you to Sigüeiro, with its rustic charm and stone-clad streets, setting the stage for the final stretch to Santiago. The Camino Inglés offers a blend of coastal vistas, rich heritage, and the profound spirituality of northern Galicia, leading you to the heart of the Camino experience.

113 km - 70.4 miles