Dr. Simon Musaeus

Founder CaminoWalkshop

You are ready for a transformation!

After a successful journey of military, academic, private sector Executive and Board positions and leading large multicultural teams across four continents, I have decided to share this experience with you. 

The great leadership courses at Harvard, Stanford University, and MIT provide a fantastic toolset and valuable connections. However, the necessary elements of active rest, deep reflection, and intense team experience require a new approach. 

My journey with the Camino de Santiago began in 2019, recognizing its immense potential for personal and leadership development.

Since my military times, I have been a trailrunner, hiker, and global trainer, constantly working on myself. Academically, I am a certified NLP-Coach and hold a Master of Science, and a Doctorate in Business.

Now is the time to give back! 

As a Coach, I bring you on "Your Way" with my unique concept of the CaminoWalkshop.

Join us!



At CaminoWalkshop, we share the life-changing power of the Camino de Santiago with leaders seeking personal and professional growth.

Our founder, inspired by his transformative experience on the Camino, has crafted a unique program that combines the lessons learned on this historic pilgrimage with the best practices of executive coaching.

As a result, CaminoWalkshop participants are empowered to explore their values, enhance their leadership abilities, and form lasting connections with fellow leaders.

Discover the magic of the Camino and the potential it holds for your personal and professional development by joining the CaminoWalkshop family.


We believe in the strong synergy of physical activity and mental exercise.

Our Mission is to give Leaders a systematic approach based to recover and channel their energy. We use proven coaching concepts for a transformational experience and to change their positive self-understanding and leadership abilities in a sustainable way.


Your Focus determines your Success.

Our Vision is that all Leaders embrace the systematic combination of physical, mental, and emotional exercise as fundamental building block of their journey to enact positive and lasting change first for themselves and then for others.