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Leaders on the Camino de Santiago

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Find Clarity

Do you need some time for decluttering your mind? 

Do you want to focus your group on an important task?

Are you clear but need some senior advice? 

Create your Vision

Leaders are intentional about connections - and first and foremost about the connection to themselves. Be honest. 

Do you have a clear vision and purpose?

Build Connections

You wonder how some people execute on plans and ideas in no time?

Every vision needs execution, and every execution is boosted by resonant relationships.  

Why on "The Camino"? 

Because effective Leaders seek Focus

The Camino de Santiago or St. James Way is a network of historical pilgrimage routes across Northern Spain. The main Way, the "French Way," leads from the Pyrenees to the City of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

Since pre-historic times, people embarked on a pilgrimage to the end of the then-known World at Cap Finisterre to obtain new perspectives on earthly problems and spiritual insights.

From the mid of the 9th century, the network of Roman Army Roads changed into a route to bring Christian devotees from the Frankish Empire to the believed relics of St James de Elder, one of Jesus' Apostles.

For hundreds of years, Political, Military, and Spiritual leaders have used the pilgrimage to disconnect from the daily distractions of their busy courts and prepare for and discuss important decisions

Your Journey - Mindfulness and Intentional Change

Disconnect - Reflect - Reconnect - Act

Before the Camino

You have a busy life and we have prepared a plan for you to ease you into the Camino.You will get to know us and your group.

Based on our long Camino experience we will bring you into the mind, mood, and physical shape for "The Way."

Ten weeks before the walk, you will start the journey with a self-guided training plan and four individual coaching sessions.

The WalkShop

During the 8-day journey in Spain you inmerse yourself together with your peers in a process of quietude and mindful communication.

Through daily meditation, reflection, and exchange, you will deepen your connection with yourself and fellow participants as you traverse the breathtaking landscapes of the Camino de Santiago. 

The Landing

Coming home is part of the journey.

Your experiences and your learning agenda together with the exercises will help you transfer your insights and plan into actions.

Your new connections - we and your fellow CaminoWalkers - will be resonant relationships also beyond the Camino.

Buen Camino!

Re-charge and Inspire

We welcome a vibrant mix of seniority and age.

Young leaders in their start-ups and senior leaders of established companies or in executive roles find mutual inspiration and learning opportunities.

You take your time to charge and connect slowly whenever it is the right moment.

Build resonant relationships that last.

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